Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh. It's a clock

Time for another one of those what's your take on this posts. I have some of the wall clocks that I have made hanging up on portable walls in my booth when I go to various art shows and craft shows. From a distance though, it is apparently not always obvious that they are clocks.

Four Point Wall Clock    
Some people will notice them and comment. Others will simply walk up for a closer look. Then they say, "Oh, it's a clock.". Then walk off. Sometimes they will add that they don't need a clock. I have come to some conclusions after making various observations of shoppers that have come through my booth. Actually, the conclusions appear to be different sides of the same coin, but it comes down to this. Either they are looking at the piece as decoration, figuring out how well it would fit in their house or where to put it, then see that it's a clock. Then they stop looking at the decorative aspects of it and see it only as a clock. The question is not if it would be a nice decoration for their house, but rather whether or not they need a clock. Or they notice that it is a clock (and since some of them have a 6" brass faceplate, it can be hard to miss), remark upon how cool the decoration is and how they would like something like that, but they don't need another clock. Yep; it is two sides of the same coin.
Red Oak clock with a Celtic knot carved in leather

So would you, gentle reader, react the same way? You see this really cool wall decoration. It would look great in your family room, right over the couch. You walk up to get a closer look at it and notice that it's a clock. Do you stop looking at it as a home accent or decoration because it is also a clock? Would you decide against buying it because even though the decoration would look great over your couch, you don't need another clock?

Or maybe to put it another way, should I build some wall decorations that are purely wall decorations and stop making them a clock?

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