Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things have been a bit crazy.....

Yep, things have been a little bit crazy lately.  Actually, they have been that way for a while now.  At the beginning of this year, I made a list of several things that I wanted to change or get accomplished this year.  Problem is, when I say this year, I apparently meant right now.  And by right now I meant by about the beginning of February.  I've gotten some of it done and I'm plenty happy for that. I've gotten some new designs made and out the door.  I've started selling wholesale. I'm now working with a wonderful store in Michigan. I got my website moved to a new host and have it completely torn apart.  It's not like I'm completely spinning my wheels and/or chasing my tail. I just apparently have the rather unreasonable expectation that I'm going to get every thing I want done immediately.  Then I remember, oh yeah.  I have this blog thing that I need to remember to write on more often than I do.....  More importantly, I've got beer to brew! I saw more importantly because that actually got done before I started to write this. Bottled it last night in fact. A nice American Steam Beer. The next one will be a smoked porter.  It's a great one to cook with, particularly beer battered cat fish. It adds a nice depth and smoky note to chili too.  Then maybe an Australian Lager. There I go again, getting ahead of myself. I seem to be want to do that.  What can I say, multiple pots on the stove (figuratively and often times literally) seems to be the way I run my life. Oddly, I don't mean to.  It's not my intention and (truth be told) I'd rather not.  Yet, here I find myself with multiple things to do all vying for my attention.  Like the garden.  We decided to start from seed this year and I built a bench to put the trays on to start them indoors.  It worked well. It worked really well.  I ended up having the build a second bench and now still have pots sitting on the floor because I ran out of room.  We have tomatoes on the tomato plants, a couple of Giant Marconi peppers growing, and the other day I thought to myself, "Hey, what's that red thing?" I apparently have a ripened red hot pepper already as well. Next year, don't start them on January 31st.

Hopefully, next time I'll have a little more to write about what's going on around the shop here. I haven't even covered half of it (same for everything around the house).  Then again, maybe we will talk about beer and wine making again...... If you ask nicely. 

Usually I try to be a little more focused in my blog posts, but things have been a little bit crazy lately.