Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our first post - The beginning of conversations

And so it begins.  Basically, the idea behind our little corner of the Internet here is to be  a source of information and conversation between consumers and we the producers.  There are lots of places where woodworkers can get together and talk shop (and I'm sure that some of that will happen from time to time here too).  But the main thrust, or what is meant to drive this blog is to answer questions for people who aren't woodworkers.  Give you some information, make you a better informed consumer. 

So gentle reader, ask questions.  You know that furniture that is "solid wood" is better than something that is veneered.  But do you know why that bias came about?  Did you know that bias isn't always true? Did you know that there are times where a man made material like MDF is better to use for parts of furniture than solid wood boards?  For that matter, do  you know what MDF is?  So there are a few questions that I will probably get to.  Unless I get side trac.. Ooo look! A squirrel!  Um, unless I get sidetracked.  There's some of my questions.  What are yours?