Friday, November 19, 2010

Focus on wood - Walnut

Ah, walnut.  A beautiful wood and a nice wood to work with.  It probably shouldn't surprise you to hear me say that, seeing how often I use it.  Walnut offers a wide array of possibilities in terms of look, some of it quite striking really.  As a tree, there are 21 different species that can be used as timber, growing from Europe to Japan and from Canada to Argentina.  When we talk about walnut in woodworking, we are almost always referring to a black walnut.  Now from there, it will vary by region.  Typical examples being American black walnut, Claro walnut, and European black walnut. American black walnut comes from the eastern part of the U.S. and Canada. Claro walnut comes from the western part of the U.S. and Canada.   Each of these black walnuts will vary in color and grain a bit, but all have similar properties.

Walnut is hard, dense, and tight-grained.  It is used for furniture making, propellers, and prized for gun stocks.  In fact, if your rifle or shotgun has a wood stock, you can bet it is walnut.  No other wood is really used.  It was popular in the past for moldings and trim in houses.  In fact at the beginning of the last century the tree was being over harvested because of that purpose.  All styles run their course though (and then often come back. Remember bell bottoms coming back?  Starting to see 80's fashions return too.  I'm still waiting for day-glo to make its triumphant return).  Walnut was considered too dark and a bit dreary after a while in terms of use for trim and moldings around the house.  People started preferring golden oak.  This probably helped the survival of the tree a great deal.

The heartwood of walnut is a dark, tawny brown and is affected by how the lumber is dried.  Most is kiln dried which leaves it with a more muted brown color.  Air drying the lumber, however, will produce a deeper brown with some purple hues to it.  Hmm. The air dried sounds more interesting.  So why is most of the walnut kiln dried?  That's pretty simple really.  You can kiln dry lumber in a matter of days or weeks.  When you air dry lumber, it takes about one year per inch of thickness of the board.  And in the meantime, you get to go out once a month or so, disassemble the stack of wood, rearrange it, and then stack it again in a different order to keep the drying even.  Sounds like fun huh?

Walnut also produces a great deal of figured wood.  The most commonly used is walnut burl.  The picture up top has a walnut burl lid.  Walnut burl is the root of the tree.  You can also get walnut burl from, well. burls, that grow on some of the larger limbs.  Walnut burl is coarse and has a wild grain that goes just about every direction.  While this can present a bit of a challenge for woodworking, the results are often quite striking.  While walnut burl may be the most common, finding striking grain patterns are not all that unusual in walnut.  Basically, any time that the tree doesn't grow straight or is placed under some sort of stress, it will result in some sort of figuring.  The front of the box at the top shows an example of such an occurrence. While these results make working the wood more difficult (because density and grain pattern start to change, so how the wood behaves while planed or routed can radically change over the course of inches), I find it to produce much more interesting results in the end. 

Enough rambling for now.  Time to go make some saw dust.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Focus on wood - Mahogany

I was asking my readers what things they would like to learn more about. What kind of information can I provide them that they might not know anything about?  One response was to go into a bit more detail on the different types of woods.  Since each type of wood will have its own properties, I thought that might be a good idea to go into.  So we will start with one of my favorite woods to work with. Mahogany

Mahogany used to be simple.  Mahogany was, well, mahogany.  Now we have true mahogany, African Mahogany, Philippine mahogany, and even a New Zealand  mahogany. So do we have true mahogany and a bunch of fake mahogany knock offs?  What's the deal? 

Well, let's start with true or genuine mahogany.  What is genuine mahogany is actually not the mahogany that made mahogany famous a century or so ago.  The mahogany that mahogany famous is actually Cuban mahogany or Swietenia mahagoni.  But since Cuba has tended to over harvest it a bit and that stcky little trade embargo that we have with them, Cuban mahogany is about as scarce as gnats in a windstorm.  Next, we started calling Honduran Mahogany, or Swietenia macrophylla, genuine mahogany. They are close cousins, very close in fact.  Both Swietena mahagoni and Swietenia macrophylla are from the Meliaceae family. Well, now those two particular species are grown in several areas of the world.  They are the national tree of both the Dominican Republic and Belize.  This means that we can't really distinguish them by country of origin and now days, we don't.  To be called genuine mahogany, the wood must be from the Swietenia mahogany line.  It doesn't depend upon where it is grown.   It looks like this:

It is moderately dense and hard which makes it well suited for fine furniture.  Buyers love mahogany for its even grain structure and its beautiful color. The picture above shows fresh cut genuine mahogany.  It will darken considerably with age.  Woodworkers love working with mahogany because it is very easy to work with.  It carves and turns well, holds clean edges well, and doesn't burn when you put it within 3 feet of your tablesaw (like say, cherry).  One thing that more thing that most people don't think about or know about genuine mahogany is that it has very good decay resistance.  This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.  Ok, I'm sure some of you laughed a bit there.  I'm guessing it went along the lines of, "yeah sure.  I'm going to pay for a mahogany table and chairs then just leave it out on the porch in the snow."  Um, yeah.  It does well outside.  At least compared to many other woods, say like red oak.  With a little care and maybe a cover like  you put on your BBQ grill, it will last for many years out there.

Next there is what is called true mahogany.  True mahogany is any timber from the Meliacae (Mahogany) family.  This applies to Khaya (African Mahogany) and Toona (Chinese Mahogany).  A picture of Khaya is shown below
Philippine mahogany isn't mahogany at all.  It is not a part of the Meliacae  family at all. Rather it comes from th Shorea family and is also known as Luauan.  It is still allowed to be called Philippine mahogany by the FTC, but the Philippine part is mandatory.  You can't just call it mahogany.  It works entirely differently and even has a distinctly different smell to it when cut.  When worked or routed it smells kind of like black pepper (with the same effect on the nose).  It was probably first called mahogany because it does resemble mahogany in appearance, but the similarities end there.  It is only allowed to still be called mahogany at all because it has already been referred to as mahogany for so many years.

Well, until next time......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Veneering and its uses Part 2

Another reason to use veneer has to do with structure. When you make something like a serpentine dresser, how do you make that curve and make it look right?  The answer is to use veneer.  You could use solid wood, but it wouldn't look right. Why not? You would see the end grain, not the long grain that is pleasing to the eye.  That method also will waste a lot of really expensive wood, since you would have to buy a big board and then cut most of it off.  You could bend the wood. That wouldn't show the end grain.  But (and you knew there was going to be a but) bending wood has it's own issues.  One of those issues is that the coolest looking figured pieces all have one thing in common. They don't bend well. So in the end, what you end up doing is coming up with your curved panel and then veneering over it.  Now making that bent surface is a subject for a whole other post, so we will leave that for another time.  We will leave it at you could use a wood that is cheaper and bends well and make a bent panel that way. Or use a cheaper wood and simply cut a large board to the right shape. Or you could use a bendable plywood made just for such an application. Any way you make it, you want the part you see to look good.  So that becomes the part you veneer.  And this way you can use what ever veneer material you wish.  This becomes particularly important if you happen to be partial to burled wood.  Burl is pretty, but that's really about all it is good for.  It can't be bent. It isn't very strong.  And it doesn't work particularly well.  So to use it, you need to make a stable base under it and then veneer the burled wood on top.

Basically, what this comes down to is using the right material in the right situation. And this is something that you will hear me come back to often.  With the use of veneer, you can use one material that will take advantage of that material's strong points and then give it what ever decorative covering you wish.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Veneering and its uses Part 1

Veneer 1: a thin sheet of material a: a layer of wood of superior value or excellent grain to be glued to an inferior wood 2: a protective or ornamental facing.

Well, that about sums it up.  Good night folks!........

Okay, maybe I need to expound a bit on that.  The dictionary's definition can be a bit misleading.  Veneering something is the process of placing a thin layer of one material onto another material.  We can be very general about that.  Within that, wood can be used as a veneer, as can shell, mother of pearl, ivory, stone, precious metals, plastic, etc.  For the most part, we will stick to wood veneering for the purposes of this blog post.  Wood veneer is a slice of wood that is less than 1/8" thick.  Most commercial veneer runs about 1/32" - 1/40".  Some woodworkers prefer to cut their own veneer and will often make it a bit thicker.  With that being said, the thickness will depend upon who you buy it form.  Instead of being cut with a saw, most is literally sliced off with a very large knife.  For more specific details as to how it veneer is made, there is a wonderful article in Fine Woodworking (Issue #213) that can be found here.  Oakwood Veneer Company also has a nice video showing how it is made. You can view it here.  One difference is that not all veneer is paper backed and sold in 4' x 8' sheets, although that is definitely one way of purchasing it.  Much of the veneer is sold as raw veneer.  Basically, after it is cut, it is dried and sanded lightly. Then it is sold in that state. 

Now that we know what veneer is, let's start with the first good reason to use it.

The very best logs of wood are sold as veneer. Or at least they almost always are.  So finding solid wood that has the amount of figuring a person would want (how many birds eyes are in a piece of birds eye maple, how prominent the curly figure is in curly mahogany, etc.) is going to be more than a bit difficult.  It will also be more than a bit expensive.  We will get to the expensive part in a bit.  By turning the very best logs into veneer, woodworkers can maximize the use of the most beautiful wood. Which in turn, means all of you that aren't multimillionaires will be able to get furniture made with it.  Think of it like when you buy something that is gold plated or gilded (or, dare I say it, veneered with gold). If that quarter inch edge that goes all of the way around your good china were really made of solid gold, because you can't stand veneer, just how many of those sets of china would exist?  And how much would they cost? And how many of you would be buying them?  It's no different with wood veneer.  Veneer lets us maximize the best material and lower the production cost at the same time. Since we have worked our way back to price again, let's go over an example.  Last November I saw a wonderful piece of quilted bubinga that would be about the perfect size for a coffee table top. It was $1,800. Just for the slab of wood.  Now, if you are interested in buying a coffee table that is over $3,000.... please let me know! I'll see if they have sold it yet! By using veneer you could produce the same sized coffee table top for a third of the cost.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is actually pretty darn impressive

A fellow woodworker sent me this link this morning.  Looks like he made the lathe from scrap metal and scrap wood that he found God only knows where.  Can't argue with the results though.  It's just pretty impressive to watch.

Moraccan woodturner

Friday, July 9, 2010

Veneering now

Well, now that we have talked about everything that has gone wrong with the good name of veneering, let's look at some of the reasons that some people love veneering. I'm telling 'ya, there's some great work out there being produced today. Just as there has been some great work produced with veneers for the last several hundred years. Let's start with some veneered furniture that you might actually want to buy. Some examples that are well built, have veneer, and are absolutely beautiful. I found examples of antiques using veneer at Jean-Marc Fray Antiques ( Austin, Texas.  They were kind enough to let us use pictures of some of the items they currently (as of this writing) have in stock.

French Antique Lois XV Armoire

  French Art Deco Period Walnut Buffet

The armoire is from about 1750.  The chest of drawers is from about 1800.  I guess you can't say that veneered furniture won't hold up.  They seem to be doing pretty well considering they have been around longer than electricity, flushing toilets, and in one case our country. 

As for what you can find for veneered furniture and the like today, I'll start with a few of my own pieces.  In these cases, I am using a man made substrate covered with a real wood veneer.  We will talk about those man made materials in another blog post; believe me, I plan on bringing it up.  They have their place and have their advantages if used appropriately.  That being said, let's not rabbit track too far away from our original topic and save that for another day.

The face of this clock is made with Sapelle veneer that has a pommel figure to it.  The rest of the clock is covered in mahogany.

 While the base and feet of this clock are made of solid wood, the half round section is veneer all the way.  It is covered in walnut and the cheeks are the same pommel sapele wood that  you saw above.

Like the first clock. This is all veneer.  Except this time the face is a walnut burl and the rest is walnut.

 While the sides of this box are solid Honduran mahogany, the top and bottom are baltic birch plywood covered with a veneer.  The top here is done with a curly mahogany.

Like the other box, the sides are solid wood.  In this case it is koa.  Also like the other box, the top and bottom are veneered baltic birch plywood.  The top on this box is covered in quilted bubinga.

Now I have to admit, comparing those large pieces of furniture to my my smaller works does seem a bit like comparing apples to oranges.  Frankly, I haven't gotten to veneering much in my larger work.  Luckily for us though Bill Kimbell of agreed to come to the rescue.  He's a woodworker with about 25 years of experience and happens to live a bit north of me.  He sent me some pictures of some of his work and may be giving us some of his thoughts here in the future.  Until then, take a look at some of the stuff he has done.

This table uses 8 pieces of walnut burl veneer to form the center of the table.  Around the center you can see where he has cut smaller veneer circles as a border around it.  There are over 400 of the those circles in all.

You can use veneer for outdoor projects as well.  I have seen veneered cars before.  In this case, Bill veneered the dashboard for a 22 foot boat.

The table top here is made from book matching 2 pieces of crotch cherry and is bordered with Koa. All of the leaves, flowers, and veining is veneer as well using a technique called marquetry.

Here is a close up of the edge of a mahogany demilune table he built.  The black parts denoting the feet of the table? Veneer. The fabulous mahogany apron? Veneer.  It also has some brilliant marquetry and banding too.

This table is one of a pair that he made. It is a reproduction of the tables found in the state room of the SS Normadie, which was launched in 1932.

I have to admit, I had a hard time picking my favorite picture of this table.  This is an art nouveau desk with some really beautiful lines and marquetry on the front.  I decided on the picture of the top though showing the book matched tamo ash top and the hand cut banding.

So, there's the good.  We've already talked about the bad and the ugly.  I didn't think you really needed pictures of it.  Up next, what is veneer. We will also go into how and why it is used.  Until then, I should probably leave you with some sort of witty comment.  Unfortunately, I haven't thought of a good one.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Novelty Car Tags, Plates, Military, Patriotic, NASCAR
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Books fiction-non fiction-textbooks-vintage & Collectibles
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Vintage Cookbooks and Sewing Patterns
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Martist Music
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Antiques, Collectibles and More
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Collectibles, Ornaments and much more
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Collectibles, Books, CDs, Magazines and More
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Vintage,Antiques, Clothing & More
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Banners, listing templates, avatars and more
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Mary Kay Makeup Items
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Vintage to New Costume Jewelry, Sarah Coventry
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childrens, womens & mens apparel new and gently used
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Diecast,Model Kits
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Vintage collectibles, postcards, Hallmark ornaments
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Handmade Jewelry
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Mystery,Jewelry, & Banners
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An eclectic mix of Collectibles
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More Collectibles
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Collectibles, Houshold and More
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Hand Crafted Jewelry, Lanyards, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Colognes
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Nature Blank Greeting Cards Real Photo
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Collectibles, books, antiques, etc
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Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles, Home and Garden
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Bath and Body
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Vintage & New Collectibles & Books
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Pottery, glass, porcelain
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Collectibles, glass, porcelain, jewelry, hand-crafted items
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Products and services for natural health and wellness
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Vintage, Old & New Everything Eclectic
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Ladies Jewelry, Accessories and Craft items
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Books and stuff
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*NASCAR, Dungeons & Dragons, Rock & Country Memorabilia *
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Contemporary, Vintage and Antique Collectibles
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Top Quality Mousepads Made in the U.S.A.
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Contemporary, Vintage and Antique Collectibles
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Collectibles, Vintage, Christmas and Clothing
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The Pink Frog Shoppe
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Vintage Postcards Victorian Trade Cards & More!
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Juicy Couture, Coach, jewelry, bags
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Vintage Farm Equipment Manuals
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Antiques, Collectibles & More
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Christmas Items, Yard & Garden, As Seen On TV
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Jewelry boxes, Mantel Clocks, Purse Hooks
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Handmade Homespun Fabric Rag Wreaths
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Baseball Hats and Choker Sets
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Clothing and Accessories
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Vinyl Records,CDs & Collectibles
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Antique to New Collectibles, Pottery,Glass,Art & More
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Vintage & New Collectibles, Gift Items, & More
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Catholic Rosaries, Chaplets & Christian Gifts
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Name brands at affordable prices
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Custom tshirts,lighters,mousepads and more
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Handmade Home Decor and Pet Items
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Cosmetics, Nursing Scrubs, & Computer Networking Items
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Satori’s Emporium, an eclectic mix
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Photographic Prints direct from the artist
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Sterling Silver, Bali and Fashion Jewelry
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Souvenir Spoons
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Antiques, Collectibles & More
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Collectibles, Home & Garden Decor, Toys and More
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Groovy Stuff
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New & vintage China, Dinnerware, Corelle, Silverware and Linens
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Books and More
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Craft Books Sewing Patterns Homeschooling
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Shabby Girl Cosmetics
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Shake and Bake Trading Company
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Shameless Pleasures
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Concert Shirts, Music Memorabilia, NHL
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3,000 items,Christmas,Collectibles,Etc
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Weddings, Home & Garden, Fountains
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Gifts Bottles Rhinestones
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Model Trains,Train,Trains
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Handmade Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings & Earrings
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Vintage, Collectibles and More
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Vintage and Modern Seasonal Decor
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This, That, and More
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Household items and homemade treasures, Purse dust bags
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Vintage, many OOP CRAFT PATTERN booklets and magazines
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All Christmas Craft Supplies & Decor
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Designer handbags, accessories, wallets, keychain, toys
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Handcrafted gifts, Books,and More
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Handcrafted wire art jewelry, findings and more
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Collectibles, Home & Garden, Jewelry
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Original Photographic Prints
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Vintage Glassware, Pottery, Christmas, Snoopy & more
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If It Glitters..Its On Sale
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Estate Jewelry, pottery, glassware, trinket boxes
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New Toys Galore! Dolls, BAB, Barbie, LPS, Bratz & More
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Scrapbooking, Stamping, Stickers
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Audio Books, Video Games, Books for Children and Adults
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Fashion, vintage and body jewelry
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Handcrafted comfort, patterns and more
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Books of all kinds
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Demdaco Willow Tree, Decorative Wall Crosses, Trinket boxes*
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Handcrafted Jewelry
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Everything That IS Pretty N Precious
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Fine Jewelry
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